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Paperless People Podcast #4 Erasing Legal Identity in Assam
October 17, 2018 Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

In this edition of the Paperless People Podcast we follow the stories of two families in Assam, India, exploring how new cases of statelessness and legal invisibility are being created in this region on a worrying scale. Through these stories and expert analysis, we explore how the UN Sustainable Development Goals may struggle to achieve what they set out to do if the approach to implementation and monitoring does not account for structural discrimination that is too often leaving certain people behind: in this case the new stateless community in India. 

This podcast series, produced by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, with the support of the Knowledge Platform for Security and the Rule of Law (Knowledge Management Fund), explores how the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals need to be re-thought in order to effectively address statelessness challenges. Share your questions and reflections on the issues raised via @institute_si  /

This episode was created in close partnership with the Development and Justice Initiative, a human rights organization based in India. With thanks to Ravi Hemadri, Leander Toppo and their team. 

Music from Blue Dot Sessions and Podington Bear under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License. 

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